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«Healthy Lifestyle» Project


It is better to do the forecast

and prevention of diseases,

than to treat them.


Although over the past 150 years, the average life expectancy of a person has increased by almost 2.5 times, but people still want to live even longer. Today, many people are concerned about maintaining their own health, and the phenomenon of controlling their state of health is gaining popularity around the world and is becoming one of the possible tools for gaining healthy longevity. Specially designed programs for comprehensive medical examination of patients — «Check Up» (from the English «checkup» — check, control) are suitable for both young people and older people, and primarily for outwardly healthy people. If a person has chronic diseases, he usually already visits specialists and controls the malaise. And those who are not concerned about anything may not be aware of hidden diseases for years.

The «AltMed» Center of Rehabilitation, Preventive and Traditional Medicine has developed a new service — the «Healthy Lifestyle» Program. This is a human health management service — it is for those who plan to do their own health, but do not know where to start. The task of the «Healthy Lifestyle» Program is to help the patient understand the current state of health, determine further actions and accompany him on the way to recovery, that is, to be his health navigator. With its help, everyone will be able to find their way to health, and a team of specialists from the «AltMed» Medical Center will accompany and inspire the patient along the way. The «Healthy Lifestyle» Program is based on the principles of the direction of modern medicine, which has been actively developed in recent years – the so-called «4P-medicine», which integrates the following concepts:

1. Personalization — an individual approach to each patient.

2. Prediction — creating a probabilistic forecast of the patient’s health.

3. Prevention — preventing the onset of disease in the patient.

4. Participatory — motivated patient participation.

This direction of medicine implies not only and not so much the detection of diseases, but primarily the determination of predisposition to them and the prevention of their occurrence and development of complications. The results obtained during clinical, instrumental and laboratory examination of the patient after processing are used to confirm the diagnosis, stratify the risk of the disease, predict the development of symptoms, develop preventive therapy, correct the prevention and monitor the effectiveness of treatment. If any deviations from the norm are detected during the examination, the doctors of the «AltMed» Medical Center refer the patient for additional diagnosis or consultation to narrow specialists. Screening  is the process of identifying in healthy people factors of increased risk of the disease, as well as a disease that does not yet appear clinically or defective by applying tests, examinations and other procedures that can be carried out quickly. This makes it possible to detect many diseases in the initial stages of development.

With the help of specially designed schemes, a team of specialists from our «AltMed»   Medical Center (general practitioner, cardiologist, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, nephrologist, rheumatologist, gynecologist, dentist, nutritionist, psychologist, etc.) carries out a full study of the health status of patients, which includes determining the risk of developing major chronic diseases taking into account harmful habits, factors of genetic predisposition to various diseases, responding to stressful situations, diet errors, mental and physical activity, as well as identifying pathological conditions and initial stages of diseases. This is not just a list of analyses and studies, but an examination of each patient individually, taking into account his individuality – hereditary predisposition, suffered diseases and fears, i.e. Screening for risk factors.

The diagnostic algorithm at the «AltMed» Center of Rehabilitation, Preventive and Traditional Medicine allows you to assess the general state of health and determine the patients’ personal risk areas. In «AltMed» Medical Center along with a general clinical examination of patients, a radiological, instrumental, ultrasound and laboratory research are conducting.

Research is carried out to determine the physical and mental state of the patient, as well as to assess the risk factors for the development of various diseases. As a result of the study, the patient learns the level of his health and the profiles of specialists who should be consulted. Our doctors not only draw up a patient’s personal health card — the so-called «Health Passport», but also motivate patients to follow the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Based on the data obtained, the patient is given personal recommendations on healthy habits — the basics of proper nutrition, physical activity, healthy sleep, as well as ways to quit bad habits (alcohol, tobacco), etc.

In addition to modern diagnostic methods, research is also carried out using the age-old experience of traditional and alternative medicine: VEGA-test diagnostics, pulse diagnostics, iridology and auriculodiagnostics. Alternative diagnostic methods allow to assess the functional state of the body, revealing even preclinical changes; conduct etiological diagnostics of pathogens; identify toxic effects and psychoemotional disorders; determine the presence and predisposition to the formation of tumors; identify allergic reactions and allergens; determine the deficiency of trace elements, vitamins, hormones, amino acids and enzymes in the body; carry out an individual selection of drugs — their effectiveness, compatibility, determination of the optimal dosage, duration of administration and possible side effects; determine biological age and adaptive reserves; to make the optimal selection of food products, dental materials, as well as cosmetics, jewelry and household items, suitable specifically for this person, in order to prevent allergic reactions and other side effects.

The medical examination is carried out in 3 stages. At the first stage, a general clinical examination of the patient is carried out with an assessment of the functional state of the patient’s body using HRT diagnostics, pulsodiagnostics and iridodiagnostics to detect «weak points» in the body. At the second stage, the necessary instrumental, radiological and/or laboratory studies are carried out according to the readings. At the third stage, the necessary medical consultations of narrow specialists are appointed according to the testimony.

Thanks to the information obtained on the basis of various clinical, laboratory and instrumental studies, we will create an accurate picture of your state of health with a detailed description of all the problems identified — that is, the «Health Passport» we will reliably identify possible «weaknesses» and offer you an optimal individual strategy for the prevention and treatment of detected pathological conditions and diseases. The diagnostic value of this system is also increased many times thanks to the program «System of Comprehensive Health Monitoring» conducted by us at the «AltMed» Medical Center — constant control, which allows us not only to get an instant “cut” of the state of health, but also to evaluate the boundaries of the capabilities of each patient’s body.

International organizations recommend to undergo a preventive health check (basic medical «Check Up») 1-2 times a year for the following categories of persons:

  • Patients with uncertain complaints as fatigue, persistent stress, lethargy, insomnia – all of these symptoms may be signs of more serious illness;
  • People with hereditary burden (diabetes mellitus, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and others);
  • People with different risk factors for the development of various diseases (metabolic syndrome, physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking, alcoholism, etc.).
  • Women preparing for pregnancy;
  • People who, due to their age, gender, lifestyle, type of professional activity or changes in normal physiological functions of the body, are at risk of certain diseases;
  • People living in unfavorable environmental conditions.

According to world practice, after a regular medical examination in more than 90% of cases, patients show various health problems. In those countries where «Check Up» is practiced, it was possible to reduce the incidence by 30%, since about 70% of all diseases can be prevented in the early stages. In today’s world with a constant lack of time and the highest employment, this is the ideal way to keep your health out of gravity.

The «AltMed» Center of Rehabilitation, Preventive and Traditional Medicine provides integrative medical care, and for each individual patient, the treatment scheme is developed individually and involves the use of exactly the approaches that will ensure the best result. The aim of treatment is to relieve or eliminate symptoms and manifestations of a particular disease, pathological state or other disruption of vital activity, as well as normalize disrupted processes of vital activity and restore health.

The «AltMed» Medical Center provides integrative medical care, and for each individual patient, the treatment regimen is developed individually and involves the use of exactly those approaches that will provide the best result. The goal of treatment is to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms and manifestations of a disease, pathological condition or other disability, as well as to normalize the impaired vital processes and restore health.

The «AltMed» Medical Center carries out complex etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy using non-drug methods of treatment, since with the combined use of various methods of drug and non-drug treatment, the therapeutic possibilities and, accordingly, the effectiveness of treatment increase from two to four times.

Along with the methods of modern medicine, the «AltMed» Medical Center also uses centuries of experience in folk and alternative medicine: phytotherapy, acupuncture, manual medicine (manual therapy and osteopathy), homeopathy, hirudotherapy (treatment with medical leech), aromatherapy (treatment with aromatic oils), apitherapy (treatment with beekeeping products) and pelotherapy. Since usually the disease from the point of view of alternative medicine is a feature of objective pathological processes associated with the subjective suffering of the patient, i.e. the disease is «psychosomatic disorders». In the treatment of patients, the «AltMed» Medical Center uses the combination of medicinal and/or non-medicinal methods of treatment of patients with psychotherapeutic methods and techniques of influence as additional therapeutic and preventive measures.

If you have weight problems, a sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity, smoking, an impaired dietary system, constant fatigue, frequent mood drops, decreased performance, constant stress, impaired sleep quality and duration, then you have behavioral risk factors for the development of various chronic non-communicable diseases. Managing, reducing and eliminating these risk factors will help predict and prevent disease progression. And if you already have existing biological risk factors – high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood cholesterol, overweight, obesity and then our cooperation can significantly improve your well-being, quality of life and prevent the development of complications. The «AltMed» Medical Center offers organizations two programs aimed at promoting the health of workers — «Ա4» (Աշխատատեղում Ակտիվացրեք Առողջ Ապրելակերպը — Activate a Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace) and «2ԱԿ» (Անհատական ​​Կանխատեսու Անձնավորված Կանխարգելում — Individual Forecast and Personalized Prevention). The goal of the «Ա4» and «2ԱԿ» programs is to empower people to increase literacy, motivation and acquire health-promoting behaviors; they emphasize the role of the individual and the environment in maintaining and promoting health.

The «AltMed» Centre of Rehabilitation, Preventive and Traditional Medicine has the appropriate medical licenses, is equipped with the necessary modern equipment and works within the framework of evidence-based medical science, taking into account the proposals of the World Health Organization (WHO), international and national protocols. 20 years of successful work brought Honey. The «AltMed» Medical Center has a well-deserved reputation, as we guarantee our patients attention and care, competence and professionalism. We are approached by those who take their health seriously, who could not be accurately diagnosed, who could not be finally cured, since we know how to prevent and cure many diseases!


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