The staff of the Center of Rehabilitation and Traditional Medicine “AltMed” of Institute Surgery Mikaelian and of the Course of alternative medicine of the Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi has published more than 50 scientific articles. The training staff has made reports in various conferences, meetings and seminars in Armenia, Russia, USA, Georgia, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Germany, India, China and South Korea. In the Center “AltMed” within the framework of scientific and technical cooperation are done the following researches:

  • The Institute of Physiology after L.Orbeli of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia in conjunction with producing firms like «Koloyaro», «Imedis», «Yuprana» and «LET» in the field of electropunctural new diagnostic devices and new methods of reflexology.
  • Investigating the use of medicines Armenian folk medicine with the Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts of Armenia Mesrop Mashtots “Matenadaran”.
  • In conjunction with armenian «Vitamax E» and «Insi-NTK» pharmaceutical companies in the field of studying the use of new drugs.

In the Center “AltMed” new original diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the tradicional and alternative medicine are developed. They are based on:

  • «Bioskop» the new armenian handware diagnostic complex.
  • New armenian method of skalpotherapy.
  • Armenian new method of testing drugs.
  • «Di-Bluden» and «Di-Bluden +» armenian new drugs.
  • The investment of armenian new food supplement «Choratan».