The Center for Rehabilitation, Preventive and Traditional Medicine «AltMed» provides integrative medical care, moreover, for each patient, an individual scheme of treatment is developed, and it involves the use of approaches that will ensure the best possible result. The purpose of treatment is to relieve, address or remove the symptoms and manifestations of any particular disease, pathological condition or other limitations precluding daily living activities, of a patient  as well as ensure  recovery of disturbed vital activity of the human body and restoration of health. In addition to the use of medicines from the “toolbox” of modern pharmacotherapy, in order to stop or slow down the progress of a disease addressing its cause or the  main elements of pathogenesis, as well as to eliminate its painful or unfavorable manifestations, complex etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy is offered in «AltMed » Medical Center using non-drug methods of treatment, since with the combined use of various methods of drug and non-drug treatment, the therapeutic possibilities and, accordingly, the effectiveness of treatment increases from two to four times.

  • Therapeutic Techniques  with the Use of Modern Western technologies  are applied in «AltMed» Medical Center Biofeedback (biological feedback):

— kinesotherapeutic correction of orthopedic deformities  (scoliosis, flat feet, clubfoot, posture disorders, etc.), injuries of musculoskeletal system (consequences of damage to bones, joints, muscles, tendons), neurological diseases (cerebral palsy, consequences of neuroinfections, brain and spinal cord injuries, post-stroke motor disorders) and treatment of systemic somatic diseases through  the biofeedback method by electromyogram (EMG-BFB) using the hardware and software complexes «Miotonik» and «Bio-Bitman» produced by  «Biosvyaz» CJSC (Russia);

— logotherapeutic treatment and improvement of speech, as well as therapy of speech disorders among children (stuttering, logoneurosis, rhinolalia, riphonia, phonation disorders, dysgraphy and dyslexia) and adults ( conditions after a stroke) with the use of  the method of forming a diaphragmatic-relaxation type of breathing under the control of heart rate (HR) and respiratory arrhythmia (DAS) and applying  biofeedback method (HR-DAS-BOS)  with the hardware -software complex «PBS-BOS»  produced by «Biosvyaz» CJSC (Russia).

  • Kinesiotherapy:

— classical methods of therapeutic exercises , isometric kinesiotherapy; Vojta and Bobath therapy methods; decompression and anti-gravity kinesiotherapy aimed at treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, hernias and protrusions of the intervertebral discs, arthrosis, arthritis, instability of the spine segments) with the help of prof. Bubnovsky’s multifunctional simulator «MTB» (Russia) and through a special system of stretching of joints and spine with a specialized «Schlingentisch» (Germany) physiotherapeutic   equipment

  • Massage:

— classic, segmental, acupressure, cupping, vibrational, aromatic.

  • Physiotherapy:

— amplipulse therapy, galvanotherapy, darsonvalization, diadynamic therapy (Bernard currents), inhalation therapy, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, UHF (ultra-high frequency) therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrophoresis, shock wave therapy.

  • Hydrotherapy:

traction therapy (controlled underwater traction of spine), hydrotherapy (underwater shower-massage and hydromassage of paravertebral muscles, aeromassage or «pearl baths”) and chromotherapy (effect on the body through a specific colour spectrum) with the help of a multifunctional hydro massage complex «Aquatraction»  produced by NVP «Orbita» (Russia).

  • Mud treatment:

mud wraps (hot and cold), mud applications (overall and local), mud swabs (gynecological and urological) and galvanic mud (using therapeutic mud and electric current) and silt from Saki Lake (Russia).

  • Therapeutic blockades:

— local, conduction anesthesia  , paravertebral and epidural anesthesia; periarticular and intraarticular injections. Plazmolifting or PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma):

— method of injecting platelet-rich plasma obtained from patient’s own blood (platelet concentrate or platelet gel, abbreviated as BoTP) into body tissues, , to accelerate the healing processes in a wide variety of tissues. It is used in various fields of medicine – from dentistry to surgery. This is a modern interpretation of the long-known method of autohemotherapy, proposed in 1980 for treatment of poorly healing wounds.

  • Nutritionology (treatment with the use of nutraceuticals, probiotics, parapharmaceuticals

and other food substances and components contained in food) and Dietology or nutrition therapy,    (treatment by developing  an individual diet and specific meal plan for a  patient based on calculation of the food calories ).

  • Psychotherapy:

— positive psychotherapy (N. Pezeshkian’s method); neurolinguistics programming (NLP); person-centered therapy (K. Roger’s method); art therapy; psychodrama, etc.

  • Speech therapy correction:

—    voice disorders (aphonia, dysphonia, rhinophonia, phonation disorders due to paresis and paralysis of the larynx);

speech disorders (alalia, aphasia, dyslalia, rhinolalia, dysarthria, general speech underdevelopment, delayed speech development, phonetic and phonemic underdevelopment, stuttering);

reading and writing disorders (dyslexia and dysgraphy).


Medical Care  in «AltMed» Medical Center includes also the centuries-old experience of Eastern medicine:

  • Reflexology:

the method of « Zhen-Tszyu therapy. » based on the principles of Chinese traditional medicine with the use of corporate acupuncture points( biologically active points):

a)      acupuncture («zhen» – therapy or acupuncture (from the Latin «acus» – needle and «punctio» – prick), based on normalization of the work of various organs through the impact on acupuncture points with the help of special metallic acupuncture needles);

b)      heat warming and moxibustion («tszyu therapy» – in China, «moxa therapy» – or thermoreflexotherapy  in Japan), based on normalization of the work of various organs by thermal stimulation of acupuncture points with the help of special sticks (cigars) or cones of various sizes made of wormwood;

c)      superficial acupuncture («mei-hua-zhen», the «Seven Stars» method or beam acupuncture), based on normalization of the work of various organs through a shallow needling effect on acupuncture points using a special multi-needle hammer or using a bundle of 5-7 acupuncture needles;

d)     point  bloodletting (micro bloodletting), based on normalization of the work of various organs by  bloodletting (a few drops of blood) from acupuncture points using special three-edged metallic acupuncture needles («san leng zhen»), as well as «hijama» (Arabic) – bloodletting using vacuum cups  by means of a dissection, incision or notches of certain areas of the skin with a blade.

—    «Su-jok therapy» method with the use of acupuncture points of hands and feet in accordance with  the system by a  Korean expert Park Jae Wu;

—    «auriculotherapy» method (ear acupuncture) using acupuncture points of the auricle according to the system of aFrench expert P. Nogier;

—    «craniopuncture» method  (cerebral acupuncture or scalp therapy) using acupuncture zones of head according to the system of a Japanese expert T. Yamamoto;

—    « feet reflexology» method based on the system developed by a German expert H. Marquardt;

—    the technique of «pharmacopuncture» (one of the directions in reflexotherapy), where the impact on acupuncture points for  normalization of  the work of various organs is provided with the help of targeted microinjections of various medicines  (into biologically active points of the body);

—    the technique of «electroacupuncture» or «electropuncture» (one of the areas of reflexotherapy, in which the impact on acupuncture points in for normalization of the work of various organs is provided by means of electric current);

—    the technique of «laser puncture» (one of the directions in reflexotherapy, where the impact on the acupuncture points in order to normalize the work of various organs is ensured through low-intensity laser radiation);

—    the technique of «hirudopuncture» or «hirudoreflexotherapy» (one of the areas in  reflexotherapy,  where  the impact on acupuncture points in order to normalize the work of various organs is provided with the help of medical leeches);

—    the technique of « apitoxinopuncture» (one of the directions  in  reflexotherapy, where the impact on acupuncture points in order to normalize the work of various organs is provided with the help of bee venom – bee stings, or injection to acupoints  of pharmacological  medication (Toxapinum, Venapiolinum, Virapin ) containing bee venom .through the method of pharmacopuncture – (

  • Manual therapy:

mobilization (rhythmic and positional); manipulation (non-specific and specific); traction (manual and / or hardware traction); PIR (post-isometric muscle relaxation), etc.

  • Osteopathy:

— a manual method of influencing the body structure, allowing to restore the functions of the body, correct anatomical defects in spine, sacrum, musculoskeletal system, as well as in some internal organs.

  • Homeopathy:

classical homeopathy; complex homeopathy; homeopathic mesotherapy or homeosiniatry (a type of pharmacopuncture based on normalization of the work of various organs through  shallow injection of certain homeopathic preparations into trigger zones ).

  • Anthroposophic medicine is a holistic medical system based on the assumption that everyone is physically, mentally and spiritually connected to nature.
  • Phytotherapy or herbal medicine (a method of treatment based on the use of medicinal plants and herbs and complex preparations from them).
  • Aromatherapy (treatment through the effect of essential oils on the body – concentrated extracts of aromatic plants).
  • Hirudotherapy or bdellotherapy (treatment with medicinal leeches – «Hirudo medicinalis»).
  • Apitherapy (treatment with bee products – honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly, wax and bee venom) and apitoxin therapy (bee stinging treatment).
  • Clay therapy or pelotherapy (treatment using clay locally or for poultices and rubbing, and also         for ingestion – to fight bacteria and toxins).


Contraindications when admitting patients at «AltMed» Medical Center:

  1. All diseases at acute stage, and chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation.
  2. Infectious and venereal diseases of severe or contagious form.
  3. All forms of tuberculosis inactive stage.
  4. Mental illnesses with frequent seizures attacks and personality changes.
  5. All forms of drug addiction and alcoholism (excluding the state of persistent remission).
  6. Cachexia of any origin.
  7. Malignant neoplasms.
  8. Indications for surgery or other special methods of treatment.
  9. Concomitant conditions that prevent the use of complex restorative treatment required for the given pathology.

Since a disease from the point of view of alternative medicine is usually defined as a specific pattern of objective pathological processes associated with the patient’s subjective sufferings, i.e. the disease is a «psychosomatic disorder», thus in «AltMed» Medical Center, a combination of non-drug (physiotherapeutic) and / or drug-based (pharmacotherapeutic) methods with the  techniques  and methods of psychotherapeutic influence are often used in the treatment of patients as an additional therapeutic and prophylactic measure.