“AltMed” Medical Center:  a unique combination of modern and traditional medicine methods!

Center for Rehabilitation, Preventive and Traditional Medicine “Altmed” has the appropriate medical licenses, is equipped with the necessary modern equipment and works within the framework of evidence-based medical science, taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), international and national protocols.

“AltMed” Center for Rehabilitation, Prevention and Traditional Medicine is a specialized medical facility, where a team of highly qualified, skillful doctors specialized in the following areas works:

Ancient doctors have established a set of principles that are deemed to be the benchmarks of optimal treatment: “cito, tuto, jucunde” (“swiftly, safely, sweetly”). In “AltMed” Medical Center, we always seek to fulfill these principles and have achieved considerable success in this area.


The latest news in the field of medicine, new services and events in “AltMed” Clinic – you can read all this and much more in our news feed.

Photo, Audio, Video

On this page, you can view photos from our clinic, follow radio and TV programs highlighting the activities of our clinic.


On this page you can view photos from our clinic, listen to radio programs and watch TV shows highlighting the activities of our clinic.


A set of measures to establish and develop external relations and cooperation with foreign partners.


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Our clinic offers courses for future specialists and conferences for professionals.


Armenian Association of Traditional and Alternative Medicine Specialists.


Research activities of doctors working in “AltMed” Clinic, introduction of the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment, analysis and systematization.