Yerevan State Medical University
after Mkhitar Heratsi

Alternative Medicine Course


Was formed in 2014 (2000).

The head of the course – Associate Professor Avagyan Mkrtich Norayr, MD, PhD



Responding to recent years folk, traditional and alternative medicine methods in the study of the growing demand, in National Institute of Health after S.K. Avdalbekyan of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia (NIH MH RA) in 2000 was created Traditional and alternative medicine chair, and the Traditional and alternative medicine training center. The chairman and the founder of the Center is the Deputy Director of Education in NIH MH RA, MD, Associate Professor Mkrtich Avagyan (specialty – neurology, reflexotherapy, manual therapy). Objectives set by the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine and Training Center were the following:

  • the improvement of theoretical and practical training in traditional and alternative medicine methods of the health care employees;
  • research to investigate the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of various methods of traditional and alternative medicine for their integration into the health system in Armenia;
  • the study and the distribution of  Herbal therapy, Apitherapy, Hirudotherapy, Claytherapy, Psychotherapy and the rich heritage of Armenian folk medicine and other methods;
  • advisory and diagnostic help to the health care establishments of the Republic of Armenia.

During the ten years of employment of the Chair of traditional and alternative medicine NIH MH RA hundreds of Armenian and foreign medical employees have undergone specialization and improvement of folk, traditional and alternative medicine. By the Governments in September 2011 by the result of the reorganization of the system of improvement and specialization of the medical staff the alternative and traditional medicine chair in National Institute of Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia was dissolved.

There was opened the course of alternative medicine in September 2014 in Yerevan State Medical University, which aims to create an opportunity for health professionals to undergo specialization and improvement in “Reflexotherapy”, “Manual therapy”, “Homeopathy” and “Diet-Nutrition” specialties as well as to study traditional and alternative methods of diagnosis and various methods of treatment: Auriculotherapy, Su-djok therapy, Electrodiagnostic and electrotherapy  methods by R.Foll and I.Nakatani, Cranioacupuncture method by T.Yamamoto, Herbal medicine (treatment using medical herbs), Aromatherapy (treatment using aromatic oils), Apitherapy (treatment using food made by bee), Hirudotherapy (treatment using medical leeches), Claytherapy.


Postgraduate education

During the period when the chair is formed the staff accomplished an appropriate work in the sphere of the organization of education process in alternative and traditional medicine which is based on the study of the work experience of the chairs of Russia, USA and Europe.

There is performed specialization in one-year clinical residency in alternative medicine courses connected with the specialists like “Manual therapy”, “Reflexotherapy”, “Homeopathy” and “Diet (Nutrition)”. After the training modules of the following classes like traumatology and orthopedics, neurology and neurosurgery, artrology and rheumatology, radiology in one-year residency (specialization) of “Manual Therapy” specialty the doctors study the diagnosis methods of manual therapy of musculoskeletal system deceases (the examination of active and passive movements of spine, joints and muscles) and they also study the methods of treatment (manipulation, mobilization and traction techniques). In one-year residency (specialization) of “Reflexotherapy” specialty the doctors study the method of Chzhen-Czyu therapy (Chinese reflexotherapy method which uses the acupuncture points of the body), Auriculatherapy (reflexotherapy method by Paul Nogier (France), which uses the acupuncture points of the ear), Su-djok therapy (reflexotherapy method by Park Jae Woo (Korea), which uses the acupuncture points of the hands and the feet), as well as the electrodiagnostic method of I. Nakatani (Japan) and R. Foll (Germany) (screening-diagnostic methods which uses the electromagnetic description of the acupuncture points of the human body). In one-year residency (specialization) of “Homeopathy” specialty is performed classical homeopathy doctors training which has been developed in collaboration with the experts from Germany and Switzerland. In one-year residency of “Diet-Nutrition” specialty the doctors study the principles and the fundamentals of the diet therapy of deceases connected with healthy and deceased human nutrition; the digestive organs, cardiovascular system, respiratory, kidney, urinary tract and endocrine system, as well as metabolic correction nutritionally-nutritional status.

For general profile doctors are organized short-term courses which include various methods of diagnosis and treatment connected with traditional and alternative medicine: Diet-Nutrition, Iriodology, Auriculotherapy, Su-djok therapy, Electrodiagnostic, electrotherapy drugs testing method by R.Foll, Electrodiagnostic and electrotherapy method by I. Nakatani, Scalpacupuncture method by T. Yamamoto (Japan), Lymphatic drainage massage method, Herbal medicine, Aromatheraphy, Apitherapy, Hirudotherapy, Claytherapy etc.

The clinical databases are: “ALTMED” traditional medicine and rehabilitation center in Surgery Institute Mikaelyan, Homeopathic Medical Center in “Erebuni” medical center, “ARBES” medical center, “Gracia” international rehabilitation center, Haematology center after professor R.Yeolyan of the Ministry of Health. The course has modern materials and equipment, including computer technology in various spheres of traditional and alternative medicine etc.


Research work

The training staff of alternative medicine has published more than 50 scientific articles. The training staff has made reports in various conferences, meetings and seminars in Armenia, Russia, USA, Georgia, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Germany, India, China and South Korea. In alternative medicine course within the framework of scientific and technical cooperation are done the following researches:

  • The Institute of Physiology after L.Orbeli of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia in conjunction with producing firms like “Koloyaro”, “Imedis”, “Yuprana” and “LET” in the field of electropunctural new diagnostic devices and new methods of reflexology.
  • Investigating the use of medicines Armenian folk medicine with the Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts of Armenia Mesrop Mashtots “Matenadaran”.
  • In conjunction with armenian “Vitamax E” and “Insi-NTK” pharmaceutical companies in the field of studying the use of new drugs.

In the course of alternative medicine new original diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the tradicional and alternative medicine are developed. They are based on:

  1. “Bioskop” the new armenian handware diagnostic complex.
  2. New armenian method of skalpotherapy.
  3. Armenian new method of testing drugs.
  4. “Di-Bluden” and “Di-Bluden +” armenian new drugs.
  5. The investment of armenian new food supplement “Choratan”.

In the studying process of alternative medicine course are used textbooks and manuals developed by the staff:

  1. «Основы традиционной медицины Армении, 167 ст.
  2. «Ռեֆլեքսոթերապիայի հիմունքներ. Կլասիկ ասեղնաբուժություն», 195 էջ.
  3. «Основы нутрициологии», 114 ст.
  4. «Чжень–цзю терапия» (иглотерапия и прижигание), 184 ст.
  5. «Аурикулярная акупунктура», 116 ст.
  6. «Су-джок терапия», 56 ст.
  7. «Электропунктурная диагностика по методу Р.Фолля», 40 ст.
  8. «Инструментальные методы электропунктурной рефлексодиагностики», 28 ст.
  9. «Глинотерапия», 35 ст.
  10. «Ռեֆլեքսոթերապիայի հիմունքներ. Ժամանակակից ասեղնաբուժություն», 95 էջ.




Alternative medicine course has connections with partners from different countries: Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, France, Australia, India, Slovakia and others. The alternative medicine course has invited specialists in training seminars from Russia, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Australia, Italy, France and Iran.

The staff of the alternative medicine course has organized Traditional and Alternative Medicine Specialists’ Association, Armenian Association of International Homeopaths and Armenian Nutritionists Association.


Alternative Medicine Training Staff

Avagyan Mkrtich Norayr, MD. PhD. – the head of the course

Gharabaghtsyan Marina Ashik         – assistant


Alternative Medicine Course

Address: 0052, the Republic of Armenia
Yerevan, Qanaqer, str. Hasratsyan 9,
Surgery Institute Mikaelyan

“ALTMED” center
Tele./fax: clinic (374-10) 23-9787,
cellular (374-91) 20-9292